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Trucks & Tractors Book Sling Bookcase
Trucks & Tractors Book Sling Bookcase
€49.95  €44.96
Save: 10% off
Butterfly Toy Box
Butterfly Toy Box
€59.95  €45.00
Save: 25% off
Le Toy Van My First Tool Bench
Le Toy Van My First Tool Bench
€99.95  €65.00
Save: 35% off
Barcelona Bunk Bed Natural
Barcelona Bunk Bed Natural
€438.00  €350.00
Save: 20% off
Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed / Mahogany Trio Offer
Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed / Mahogany Trio Offer
€509.00  €349.00
Save: 31% off
Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Playset
Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Playset
€159.00  €125.00
Save: 21% off
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Organic Clothing

What is naturally coloured cotton?

It is a pigmented fibre that grows in shades of green and brown. The natural colour is from the plants inherent natural genetic properties. It is also 100% free from pollution-causing fertilisers, harmful pesticides and chemicals.
Soft, luxurious natures purest naturally coloured cotton products don't just let your baby's skin breathe easier. Made to the highest ethical labour standards, they also ensure your grandchildren and great grandchildren will breathe easier tomorrow. Our simple and natural products give your baby the healthiest possible start in life. If you insist on ultimate peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones, insist on having natures purest. The finest 100% natural and pure cotton.
What makes naturally coloured cotton so special?

Adding nothing is what makes cotton so special! No dyes. No bleach. No chemical pesticides. No heavy metals. No formaldehyde. No chlorinated phenoles. No chloro-organic carriers. No biologically active finished. Just 100% Natural and Pure.
Did you know?

Conventional Cotton accounts for just 3% of all farmland worldwide but uses around 25% of all pesticides. It takes one cup (113gms or 4oz) of harmful chemicals to Manufacture 1 conventional T-shirt. Bleaches and dyes are toxic chemicals and when used in the processing and manufacture of conventional cotton garments traces of these toxins remain in the fabrics. Therefore, not only does the process have a detrimental effect on the environment but can also affect the consumer. Worst of all the disposal of the waste chemicals used to process the cotton can destroy eco systems that have taken millions of years to evolve.
The skin is the body's largest organ. Different to an adult, a baby's skin is extremely sensitive and more vunerable to toxins and chemicals. Harmful substances can easily penetrate through the skin into baby's body and blood stream.
In their first year of life, babies spend around 16 hours a day sleeping! When not resting in their cribs, babies spend a lot of time playing in their bedroom so you can see how important it is to surround them with healthy, natural products and toys

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Welcome to Little Dreamers, an all-inclusive store based in Galway, Ireland which is dedicated only to your children. We offer the widest variety of unique and beautiful nursery furniture and children's furniture. Our furniture has been made by some of the most exclusive designers in Europe and products include cradles, cots, cotbeds, changing tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes, nursery chairs, junior beds, single beds bunk beds, mid rise beds, high rise bed, four poster beds, bedding, lighting, rugs, high chairs, baby loungers, travel systems, car seats, wooden toys and much much more...
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